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Bearing Witness to Self and Other

an ICF Comprehensive Coach

Certification Program

with a core emphasis on grief, death, and dying





142 hours of experiential coach training, incorporating a radical and honoring approach to being with grief, death, and dying ...

Who are you in the presence of sorrow?

What is required to bear witness to death?

What if you could sit with one who is grieving and remain unflinching in compassionate attention?  

How can you be present to the sadness of another without attempting to fix?

What is required to see a person in grief as whole and fully alive?

What does it take to listen without agenda?

What allows you to speak from a place of stillness, responding only when moved from a place deep within?

Join us and deepen your capacity to bear witness to another's grief.

This 142 hour training offers dynamic training in grief and end of life coaching. No prior training or experience is required.

Live demonstrations, lecture, experiential exercises, hands-on practice, and custom feedback provide a living laboratory in which students discover their capacity to bear witness to their own suffering and that of others. Students leave this class having coached, having been coached, and having been thoroughly prepared to obtain their ICF certification at the Professional Certified Coach level.

Combine your passion for supporting others in grief and at end of life with the skills and knowledge necessary to receive ICF certification in a program like no other.




Due to the individual attention and intensive nature of the course, enrollment is limited to a maximum of 8 students. No exceptions.

(Mentor coaching is required for CEOL graduation and ICF certification. Mentor coaching is an additional cost. Click HERE to register for mentor coaching.)

Location: Online (from US)


Mondays & Wednesdays

11am-1pm PT
12pm-2pm MT
2pm-4pm ET

beginning 3/12/2018



Email: Kathleen Sepeda 

Phone: (303) 506-8929

Email: Alyssa Canann   

Phone: (949) 701-8213

Additional classes at alternate times may be slated if minimum number of students is met.

Course Content includes, but is not limited to:

  • the 11 Core Competencies of Coaching

  • Life Coaching vs. End of Life Coaching

  • 8 Essentials of Coaching the Dying

  • 8 Essentials of Coaching the Grieving

  • Coaching Disenfranchised Grief

  • Exploration of Death Phobia

  • Myths of Hospice

  • Ritual at End of Life

  • Meaningful Funerals

  • Spirituality in End of Life Coaching

  • Humor in End of Life Coaching

  • Self Care for the End of Life Coach

  • Starting and Running Grief Groups

  • Establishing Oneself as a Grief and End of Life Coach.


What to Expect

  • 4 hours of class time per week
  • minimum 16 hours of individual coaching practice lab 
  • minimum 8 hours of group coaching practice lab
  • minimum 8 hours required peer coaching outside of class
  • zero to 2 hours homework per week


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If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together. 

~ Lilla Watson

This quote captures the essence of why I am passionate about teaching CEOL's course: Bearing Witness to Self and Other. I hold that my participation at every session is for me at least as much as it is for our students. As I bear witness to my self, Alyssa (my co~teacher), and our students, I am alive with that which is ineffable. It is a gift and a privilege to collectively hold this space for myself and others as together we navigate our way in learning how to be with grief without succumbing to old habits of moving away in fear. 

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Working with people in grief and at end of life moves me in myriad ways. Grief and death invite us collectively and as individuals to discover heretofore unknown depths of feeling and awareness. It is a privilege to participate in the development of End of Life Coaching students. Together, we deepen our capacity to bear witness to self and other, an essential prerequisite to working with grief and death.

We are all just walking each other home.    ~ Ram Dass


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